Monday News You Can Use!

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

— Jim Rohn


  • If you haven’t explored – you may want to – my favorite is this weblink! Send this to your buying clients – great info!
  • Send this to your buyers and to your sellers who need to reduce price: I love this quote in it: “If I thought mortgage rates were going to trend downward, I might hold off a little bit,” said Mr. Youse, a 42-year-old graphic designer. “But everything I hear is that rates are going to go up and up, and you might as well get the house now.”
  • Current Pace of Price increases not sustainable!
  • Creative idea for enticing workers to move.
  • This is when you’re ready to invest in real estate (almost all the points are good for you as a Realtor!) 


Mind Hack of the Week:
Sleep first, then decide.

George Patton once said, ‘Fatigue makes cowards of us all,’ which I have learned is 100 percent true. It’s amazing how our tiredness can affect the decisions we make. After working long, hard days–nights and weekends included–it’s so easy to forget how drastically different our minds operate when fatigued. More often than not, the decision I would have made the night before is the complete opposite of what I decide in the morning. So, when pushing your mind and body to achieve critical milestones for your business or a life goal, remember to take advantage of the evenings. Find an outlet to free your mind and then sleep. No important decisions should be made when you are tired. Just force yourself to sleep on it, wake up and then take action. A rested mind and clear conscience will help you make the right decision and ready to tackle the new day. I sometimes wish I had waited overnight before sending an email! Take your time, get your rest and make better decisions.


Techie Tip of the Week:

Dark Sky: Hyper Local Weather

Great and eerily accurate for predicting rain!

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