Monday News You Can Use!

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up!”

-Babe Ruth




Mind Hack of the Week:


Think big and small.

“You have to learn to think big and small. You have to go in the same direction with small day-to-day decisions, as well as big actions. Once you are on your way, you will mostly have to occupy yourself with little things, which can be tedious. Nevertheless, you are the one who has to do them right. “

-Gabriel Weinberg, founder, and CEO of DuckDuckGo.

This ability is what makes us entrepreneurs: at times, we have to do the work that has to be done (the small things), even if we’re not great at it and don’t like doing it. Yet, we also have to be able to step back, look at the big picture and give direction to the overall vision. This is the duality we need to harness for business success.

Techie Tip of the Week:

Look into Facebook ads!

They can be highly targeted and inexpensive – show your clients you’re doing something different!

Failing and getting back up!

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