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“You need to make time for your family no matter what happens in your life”


Matthew Quick

I made time this weekend for a joyous occasion – my 4th child Michael Alex Stott married his best friend for over 10 years, Jessica Anne Mize. A true love story – they met in a church retreat when they were 14! She’s been in our family for a long time and it’s really sweet to experience such a wonderful wedding!

Now on to the real estate news:



  • Should you help your children buy a house? Fairly reported!
  • An odd headline for a good article about the housing market. Many are calling for a market correction? Is it time to get good at working FSBO’s or Expireds again?
  • Watch what you say and do while showing homes. I installed an Amazon cloud camera for security in our new office. I can see and hear people in the office via my iPhone!
  • 3D Printed homes coming soon!
  • Not sure how I feel about this article – what’s your experience been buying your own home? I’m hit or miss- lost a lot of money on one home but have made money on about 15 others.

Mind Hack of the Week:

It’s never your client’s fault.

You can prevent defensiveness by eliminating the word YOU! It’s not YOU didn’t send the attachment; its the attachment didn’t come through. Don’t blame them, blame the thing you’re talking about!

Techie Tip of the Week:

Real Estate APP

Write a better, more influential ad copy.

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