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  1. Ask them, “What’s going on in your life in the next 90 days?” It could be they’re changing jobs, having children, moving, or getting married.
  2. Remember, Sunday is real estate day, and you are there to seize opportunities
  3. Schedule a time to see their current house (the size of their furniture, what they like and don’t like, etc.). Then you will better understand what they want in a new home. Always be thinking of ways to save sellers time and money.
  4. Drive traffic to the open house three weeks or more before the event through Facebook advertising (big return), posting on other social media, mailing open house postcards, and calling and visiting neighbors.


Mind Hack of the Week:

How to get someone to like you almost instantly!

Ask them open-ended questions, listen to their answer (don’t be waiting to talk) and then ask a follow-up question base upon their answer. Do this two or three times and they’ll feel listened to and appreciated by you.


Techie Tip of the Week:


Humble now but they will get better and better – Not cheap $179 a month for this option OR this one! BUT cheaper than a receptionist. Anyone using one currently? Read more here!



Do an Hour of Lead Generation today – everyone else is discombobulated!
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