Monday News You Can Use!


  • Cool stories about agents from the New Century 21 Brand cover story.
  • Trumps proposed budget and tariffs on steel/lumber might make housing less affordable. This probably won’t pass as is.
  • The last line is the best in this article about a unique way to find a home for your buyer to buy!
  • Interesting questions to ask any agent – or to have your potential client ask a discount agent if you’re in competition.
  • IOWA is the best state to live in – agree or disagree?
Mind Hack of the Week

Overcome procrastination.

Small sweet steps baby. Just create a one-day plan. One small goal that will lead to big results when done consistently. Three action steps for that goal. Do it! Start small. Think about what you can do today to make the results you want part of your reality. Maybe it’s talking to a friend about what it is you truly want. Maybe it’s journaling about what inspires you, lights the fire inside, and brings about a sense of purpose and passion.


Techie Tip of the Week:

I got lots of buyers leads – try this out – not free but it is a differentiator.

If anyone currently uses it let me know!

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