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  • Homes sellers making big bucks – why aren’t more selling? I found it interesting that the article says people are staying int heir homes for 8 years!
  • Best time to find a rental.
  • Send this to all your invest owners – dos and donts of tenant screening.
  • Mortgage rates at 4 year high – get your buyers to make a decision.
  • Deep Thoughts on our future in this article.


Mind Hack of the Week

You’ve Already Called That Lead 3 Times — Why Bother Again?

You can nearly repeat back some of your leads’ outgoing voicemail messages you’ve heard them so many times. Why bother calling your list again? At best you think you should move on to a new list. At worst you’re discouraged overall. On the surface, it’s not unreasonable to feel this way, but take a look at the data. Research shows 80% of sales go to the 8% of salespeople who ask for the sale at least five times. That’s a lot of time on a voicemail, but the numbers prove it’s worth it. So plan to encounter some initial nos and some voicemail. Understand that it’s part of the process. Timing, need, budget, trust, etc. all have to align for a prospect to say yes. So be tenacious.


Techie Tip of the Week:


5 ways to find a cell phone number

Zabasearch was new to me.

Better Habits!

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