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“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

— Winston Churchill

  • Reported here about this NAR report. Student debt causes a 7-year delay for home buying. “Among non-homeowners, 83 percent cited student loan debt as the factor delaying them from buying a home.” Student loan debt is 35% of all non-housing debt in the US.
  • Real estate: 4 reasons fewer Americans are buying homes – our jobs to help people make good decisions.
  • From a lender: This is because the bulk of our nations building resources will be diverted to the hurricane reconstruction.  This will put even more pressure on low inventory areas such as Las Vegas.  It is my opinion that this will cause an unusual spike in home prices over the winter months.  The combination of rapidly increasing home values and increasing interest rates will make for a startling decline in affordability over the next year.
  • One of out Twenty homes still underwater!
  • Cheap Fall decorating ideas.
Mind Hack of the Week
Assume good intentions! Don’t automatically assume someone is out to get you with feedback or criticism. Assume they want to make your life more effective and easier. This tip will save you hours of disease.
Tech Tip 
 Neat tool to get Customer Feedback and place it on media.

Attitude determines altitude! 

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