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  • My market is Number 138!! The best place to flip in 2017! There are some interesting stats hidden in this article too!
  • Shortage of new homes and high prices not going to help first-time buyers for a long time!
  •  For all your clients – 9 quick fixes you can do yourself.
  • These are the ten most livable cities.
  • This is a great graphic to show your buyers why buying now makes so much sense.


Mind Hack of the Week

It’s not just cost of housing that makes one feel wealthy. A recent study by WalletHub determined that a family of three earning $100,000 per year in Maui would have just $292 at the end of each month in their household budget and in Honolulu would have just $302 remaining each month.  Maui and Honolulu ranked the 7th and 8th worst locations for the high cost of living.

A personal assistant that researches your clients!

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