Monday News You Can Use!

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” 

– Pablo Picasso


Mind Hack of the Week

(Part Six of a seven-part series of Think This Not That)

For the next 7 weeks think this not that thought:

Not this: My monkey mind uses deflection, rationalization, and justification to ignore useful, negative feedback. Poor form and I miss out on getting better. All feedback means is that I might have missed my mark. It’s not personal.

Think This: Use feedback to help you progress forward. Your friends, customers, and co-workers want to help you to improve, so listen to the feedback they have for you.


Techie Tip: 


Great information on most addresses – let me know what you think – I’m using it to verify Expired phone numbers! It even has some cell numbers and it’s free!


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Be proactive today! 
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