Monday News You Can Use!


  • Paint may determine sales price! Send this to your past clients.
  • Prices up – mortgages cheap! Notice prices have been rising nationally for 5 years now! Send to your buyer prospects.
  • Refinancing logic to send to your past buyer clients. Maybe lead off the email – Read this to save $3120 a year!
  • Send to internet buyer leads -How to get started – I really like their last point 🙂
  • More on Flood insurance (send this to your clients in flood areas) and be prepared to contact your representatives to ask them to continue the National Flood Insurance Program.

Mind Hack of the Week

(Part Three of a seven-part series of Think This Not That)

For the next 7 weeks think this not that thought:


Not this: Avoid challenges for fear of failure (or success if you’re

Think This: I Take up challenges as an opportunity to learn. If you don’t fail, you’re less likely to learn. So take risks, look for challenges and try things differently. The FSBO or Expired or Buyer doesn’t know what you’re supposed to say so most “mess ups” are only in your head! If you really screw things up – laugh and start over – your clients will understand! Try something new – make mistakes, it’s ok you’re more likely to discover the real gems that will make you succeed and it will be a hell lot more fun too!

App of the week:

Record calls, review them, learn from them – $9.99 one time – no per minute charge.


Tune into Tuesday the Coach is In to find out how to use it – if you don’t have access to The Coach is In – you can join our Lead A Day Club and get it for as little as $28 a month.


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