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“Fairness is an illusion. Fairness never existed and never will. No one in life gets less or more than anyone else. We just get different stuff. That’s right. No one is dealt a bad or a good hand in life; we’re just dealt cards. It’s up to us to stay in the game and play. Sure, some cards look “better,” but they’re really not. If you look closely, you’ll see that anything you feel has been taken from you – or never given to you at all – was replaced with other amazing opportunities and gifts. It’s up to you to find them.”

~ Sean Stephenson, Get Off Your “But” 




  • The truth behind the rent versus buy argument – part two from last week – Send this to all your buyer clients!
  • Very interesting facts and figures for you to share with ALL your client’s intros NAR report.
  • New low mortgage rates send buyers to buy!
  • Good article for first time home buyers and how to buy their home.
  • Why we can help FSBOs and home sellers from Zillow.


Mind Hack of the Week

(Part Two of a seven-part series of Think This Not That)

For the next 7 weeks think this not that thought:

Think This: The thoughts people have of you shouldn’t matter to what you do in your real estate career. And if you focus on learning and growing and being of service, I guarantee you will be appreciated and seen in a completely different positive light for wanting to continuously develop and grow and contribute.

Not this: Being obsessed with being perceived a certain way, such as “smart” or “the best in the neighborhood” or “Number One”

Stick with it for a few months and watch your progress!


App of the week: 


Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction and provide inspiration, focus, and productivity. I like this one a lot!

Tune into Tuesday the Coach is In to find out how to use it – if you don’t have access to The Coach is In – you can join our Lead A Day Club and get it for as little as $28 a month!


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