Monday News You Can Use!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. “

-Milton Berle

  • Zillow in trouble for co-marketing? Do any of you have your lender pay for Zillow ads?
  • Send this one to all your buyer clients but be sure to read it first – I agree with each of the 5 points.
  • Foreclosures way down, maybe use this with your investors.
  • Free castles – really – in Italy! Cool idea!
  • Starter Homes – are you seeing them built in your area?


Mind Hack of the Week

How to Stop Procrastinating

Find something you absolutely love or can’t do without. (M&M’s, a Netflix series, a massage). Give control of it to a friend. When you do the task, you get it. (Only watch while your at the gym etc) . For an extra boost, authorize them to toss it (or part of it) if you don’t follow through! In the end it’s simple and it’s something you can use in many, many areas of your life – whole blog here!

App of the week:

Not everywhere yet but wow what an app!

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