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“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

Joe Namath

  • Get your buyers off the fence-National home prices hit 2.5 year high! Ask your sellers we’ve been rising in most markets for (2,3,4,5??) years how long until the next correction?
  • Interesting article – why not to buy a home this year – reason one is great – reason two is not well thought out because it doesn’t factor in non-FHA low down payment mortgage option in which the PMI can be removed. Point three is silly and an argument for a home warranty. All that being said – reason #1 will get you into a discussion and sending this article shows you’re concerned about whats best for your buyers – not your commission.
  • 10 Ways to add value to your home. From England – I especially like #1 – use this with all your buyers (maybe six months after they close) and your sellers getting ready
  • Florida agent or have clients moving to Florida?? very well thought out article on pricing and potential home price increases!
  • How to buy a starter home in hot markets – Point one is spot on 🙂 And the others are really good too. Use this with internet buyer leads!


Mind Hack of the Week

The most insane way to be smarter, confident, and resilient. Too good to just quote – read the whole thing here!

App of the week:


Denise (my fabulous partner in our courses) swears by it – it’s free and basically a super spell/grammar checker – from someone who last week sent an email with the word ass in a sensitive paragraph instead of the word class – it can be a deal saver!


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