Monday News You Can Use!

New Monday, New Week, New Goals!

A new quarter starts this week! How exciting!


  • We offer value to the transaction – not for disseminating but it’s a great article – commissions have actually average higher the past ten years, jobs are down, people want an agent!
  • Send this one to you first-time buyers and internet leads – 50 ways to get ready to buy a home I especially like points 24 and 46!
  • Economists expect home prices to continue to rise due to the TrumpBump – what do you think.
  • Here’s why your sellers should market now – the press says we have a housing drought – ask yourself are you seeing properties sell for higher prices more quickly – take the listings at up to 10% over what you think is right if you’re in a rising market!
  • Buy a town – just for fun!


Mind Hack of the Week

CRUSH it – to have a better attitude!

5 Mind Hacks to Better Manage Your Attitude

1. Cultivating gratitude. Count your blessings. Since I learned the importance of appreciating little things, I no longer pursue happiness. I now know that happiness is a byproduct of gratitude.

2. Remembering what’s important. Tough circumstances have a way of distracting us from the things that matter most. During such moments, it is crucial to remember your deeper purpose. What meaning did you want to give to your life? Figure out what’s important then build your life around it.

3. Using adversity to build resilience. It is tough for the world to break the person who easily adapts to his or her shifting environment. Adaptability increases resilience. Resilience is your inoculation against the hard times.

4. Staying hopeful in hopeless situations. Hope is a thing worth protecting. Without it, it’s easy to fall into despair. When you can visualize the future you want, hope feeds your dream.

5. Honing a positive outlook under negative circumstances. Know that circumstances will always be temporary but your spirit is a permanent force to be reckoned with.


App of the week:

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FedEx Mobile Print

This can be a deal saver!



Super Pumped for the best quarter in our careers!

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