Monday News You Can Use!

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you want to go to bed with satisfaction.”

– George Lorimer

  • How to buy a house in 350 words or less – You might send this to all internet buyer leads. Point 5 is my favorite and check out the links below the article.
  • Send this to your sellers early in the process – what movers won’t move.
  • Here’s another one for your buyer leads – the downpayment myth. 87% of Americans believe the need more than 10%! I also suggest you rewrite this as a blog on your facebook website etc.
  • Once you talk with them about needing 3% to 5% downpayment show them this article – how to save your down payment. Obviously, this will take time and follow-up to work these clients so – use the Monday news!
  • First-Time Buyers have trouble in these five states. If you live in one of these – offer lots of services.
  • Warren Buffet talks investment real estate. Nothing else needs to be said!
  • Want to be a landlord – Read This First. For use with a seller debating selling now versus renting it out.


Mind Hack of the Week

Average work email is read within 6 seconds of receiving it. No wonder we don’t stay on schedule. Here are 5 tips proven to work.


App of the week:

Pretty amazing info on this site!


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