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“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

  • Why rising rates are not a cause for panic! Average buyer buying a $241,000 house is paying $21 a month more for the home than a year ago. Ultra low rates are gone. In 1980 the rates were 17%. In 1990 10%. In 1996 5.67% . We sold houses in all those markets. When you do your job – good things will happen.
  • Why more homes are not being built. Caution after the crash. Labor costs higher. Supply cost higher.
  • 5 Tips to save money for a home during the holidays. Some good tips for everyone – maybe send this out to your younger folks? Turn it into an idea for a blog?

Mindhack of the Week:

Dehydration makes you hungry. Lots of study on this so … the more water you drink – the less hungry you’ll be and the less you’ll eat. Do what grandma said – drink a big glass of water before every meal!


App of the week:

Google Santa Tracker

Send to all the families you know. Fun and lots to do! And they add something new everyday!

Grateful for YOU!
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