Mindset of asking for more Commission

One of the easiest ways to augment your income is to simply give yourself a raise!
It’s a skill but MOSTLY it’s a mindset.

Why don’t you ask for more commission?

be-strongWatch what your Monkey Mind does to this thought…

What are some CONCLUSIONS that you’ve already drawn about asking for more commission? What do you experience when we discuss asking for more commission? How do your conclusions create a self limiting cycle?

You don’t have the be the #1 agent in your market to deserve a better commission!

Will sellers object to paying more commission? It’s a discussion that will always come up. Do you handle it with clarity, focus, ease, and grace? People on a deep level BELIEVE that they get what they pay for. How can higher commission give value to your sellers?
Buyers actually pay the commission, not the seller. Do you feel confident expressing this in your presentation?
The weak agent versus the strong agent. When you walk your talk, there is no objection. Weak agents take less commission, make this clear.
Do you present yourself as a FULL SERVICE agent who provides a dollar worthy plan? Do you have a plan that creates your unique proposition? Do you show up as an agent that is worth more money?
Do you look, act, and present like an agent who sellers believe will protect their equity? — Or do you act and present like Value City?  The Dollar Tree? Or Five Below store?
Does your mindset say “These people need me! I AM_____ (fill in your standards of integrity here – when is the last time you looked at your standards?)
Have you set a minimum standard commission for the low end listings? Have you considered raising it? — One of the easiest things to do to give yourself a raise!
Set the arena for an extraordinary experience with rapport, language and service.
Contrast your proven results with the “accidental” agent. Tell them about numbers tracker for instance. You KNOW your numbers!
Uses stories to illustrate: The paycut story for instance. (I want you to do a great job for me… get more than average on my price… sell in a shorter than average time… give me A++ service… and not pay me anything upfront or as I work… and in fact, when you do get the job done, I want you to do it for less than your normal paycheck, OK? — How would it be if I asked you to that with your paycheck?)
Higher commission means faster results. Is timing important to them? If they need to sell quickly, raise the commission.
Be BETTER rather than cheaper.
Think of services you can add for more commission.  Service fee.  Transaction fee. “Additional commission”. People are USED to added on fees. Secure document archiving fee.  Would your mindset change if those funds went to something specific?  Maybe have  funds collected in this way go SPECIFICALLY TOWARD something… an assistant,  a vacation, kids college funds, coaching expenses, etc.

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