I’ve been using a Kanban (pronounce how you like, Can-Ban or Kaan Baan) since Donna Fleetwood taught me about it years ago.


I recently went online to look for a good article to send Coaching Clients about how to use a simple Kanban system for their real estate and personal lives… and only found such complicated stuff no one could ever understand it they way it was taught to me!  So… thought I’d do it myself 🙂

Kanban is a system to relieve our over-taxed minds.  We are SO full of great ideas and thoughts and things to DO that we can’t get organized enough to actually get anything DONE.  Kanban solves that.

Simply get a cork-board with pushpins, or a whiteboard and divide it into 3 sections – like 3 columns.  My left hand section is larger than the middle and right sections – you’ll see why in a minute.  Title the 3 columns “Backlog” – “Doing” – “Done”. 

“Backlog” section is for ALL those great ideas and plans and stuff you WANT to do but are NOT working on YET.  Put them there and NEVER lose them. They are “safe”.   Next, put those projects and ideas you ARE working on NOW in the “Doing” section.  Be careful not to put too many in “Doing”.  The human brain can only focus on so many things at once.  Three to Seven is about max.   The “Done” column is where you put completed “Doing” items so you get to CELEBRATE all you’ve completed! (a key to motivating you to do more).  What you want is a TON of items in your Backlog and Doing spaces… and just a FEW in your Doing space.  This allows you to FOCUS and brings Clarity and Ease to your life.  

Try it.  I’d love to hear how it’s working for you and hear any questions! See photo above of my Kanban board and another below with a TON of Done’s on it! Doesn’t all those Done’s just make your heart SING?!

kanban dones

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