Harvesting verses Creating

Inspired by Seth Godin’s blog today:

Most agents simply “harvest demand”.   The look for people that already want to buy or sell and them simply “get involved in their sale/purchase”.  I’m not knocking that… it’s what we’ve all done in this business and why we really are far less “salespeople” than what we really are.

But SOME agents do something more.  They CREATE demand.  They Sell the benefits of Selling now to someone that wasn’t even thinking about it… they Sell the benefits of Buying now to someone that wasn’t considering it.

Here’s the fun part. You don’t need to do a ton of it. Just find ONE person you can “sell” and persuade them.  And then get them to share what they did with others… and how YOU helped them see the light and improve their situation.

Direct quote from Seth’s Blog: Wenda Millard quotes a Mercedes Benz exec, “If the only time I show you a Mercedes ad is just before you’re about to buy a fancy car, I’ve lost.” The fact is, advertising to build brand and recognition and demand is a very long-term proposition, not something you measure with clicks.

A last-minute swipe of purchase intent is a tactical win. It’s not, however, a long-term way to build your  (real estate business).   Happy Hunting… Donna



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