3 of 7 – Fine Tuning Time Management

Typewriter Day 3 #yourturnchallenge

First, a calendar is created with all the things we want to get done… and we’re effectively using it as a Vision of the Future and a History of the Past using the Do It, Move It, or Delete it method. And we’ve asked for Support for the project items that aren’t getting done (but instead getting moved or deleted all the time).  Now it’s time to fine tune.

As you begin to use these systems, you may discover some of the more common tweaks needed include:

  • Start with the most important things first and build the rest around them. These include meals, family, and personal time. Remember, work is done to support your life. Not the other way around.
  • Plan at least one day off a week with mostly unscheduled time (white space on the calendar). Better yet, plan at least one morning, one afternoon, several evenings AND a day off. This allows for the unexpected to fit in too.
  • Preparation and generous travel time must be scheduled. If you don’t plan those you may find yourself rushing, do poor quality prep work, or find yourself late.
  • Be sure to include a 15 minute appointment with yourself to CONFIRM the week’s in person appointments. It saves a lot of time to move an appointment before you show up and they forgot, then to go on it and discover that.
  • Delete any repeating item that you are not either Doing or are unwilling to get support on for long periods of time. It’s not important and if it becomes important, you can add it back in later.
  • Things take longer than you think, overestimate rather than underestimate until you know for sure.

Remember, your calendar schedule is a working document. It will improve over time as you work the plan and track your results. Be sure to look at that History of the past often to make the adjustments needed!

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