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Your Coaching Matters is the only fully accredited Coaching Company in the Real Estate Coaching Business. 

Recognized by Inman as Top 25 Coaches in the industry multiple years in a row.

We offer options and flexibility not offered by ANY other real estate Coaching Company! 

You will experience success with ease using our unique tools and proven systems.

All Coaching Programs Include:

Access to our PATENTED KNOW YOUR NUMBERS and Leads Tracking System – All ONLINE and protected by Rackspace Servers in Austin    Texas – the best in the business. Set Goals; Enter your Daily Income Activities; Compare Goals to Actual numbers and adjust Goals as needed. The first              and ONLY online business planning tool at next to NOTHING in price (see below)! Yes… INCLUDES tracking of buyer appointments offers to                              work and leads generated!
   Lead A Day Club Member – ($28/mo) A Daily Email from Your Coaching Matters including your mindset Shift, daily action plan, effortless             conversation starters, and access to our private Facebook mastermind.
Access for Questions to our Private Cell Numbers available for reasonable calls and questions!
Regular Emails from us with Article Links, Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Social Networking advice.
Access to YCMpedia – Includes scripts, conversations, dialogs, objection handlers, spreadsheets, forms, ideas and mindset tools… to make EVERY day more productive!
Quarterly Honest Evaluation of your Prospecting or Presentation Audios with recommendations to MAXIMIZE your results!
Monday News You Can Use – the coaches compile the best news articles for you and your clients each week. Copy and paste into YOUR blog or send relevant articles to YOUR database. We do the work, you reap the reward, you smart agent you…
Optional Weekly Skills and Innovation Calls – Start your week off right with our MONDAY group calls! Designed to sharpen your skills and bring you new ideas every week. Recorded so if you can’t make it, you can listen later.
The Coach is IN with Mike Stott, Every Tuesday from 11AM-12PM ET you can call in and get your questions answered! 

Coaching Plans:

Lead a Day Club (Month to Month):$28/month or $280/year 


  • Lead A Day Club email idea with a motivational quote and idea to generate a lead TODAY.
  • Tuesday “Coach-is-In” Group Coaching call 30 to 45-minutes. Includes Q&A, Coaching with permission, Industry-Relevant Information, and more!

Flexible Coaching Program: $197/month or $1970/year 

Includes the above PLUS: 

  • Coaching-By-Email Support with Assigned Coach
  • Access to YCMPedia – with thousands of videos, group calls, forms, scripts, objection handlers and more.
  • Monday “Mindset & Skills” Group Calls Live or Recorded
  • Discount on single coaching call purchase at $227/per 45-minute Coaching call as desired, when needed. (Regular price is $247)
  • 50% off of 1 Course per year. Up to $249 value.

Monthly Coaching: $347/month or $3470/year 

Includes the Above PLUS: 

  • Coaching 3-ring Binder & materials mailed to your address.
  • Scheduled one 30 to 45-minute PRIVATE Coaching call per month to review prior month, set & review goals, and create actions steps for the next month.
  • Patented Know Your Numbers Tracker Program is included in this level and up. $399/year value.
  • 1 free Course per year of your choice. $497 value.

Part-Time Coaching: $497/month or $4970/year 

Includes the Above PLUS: 

  • Scheduled twice a month 30-minute PRIVATE Coaching calls.
  • 1 free Course per year of your choice. $497 value.

Semi-Full-Time Coaching: $597/month or $5970/year 

Includes the Above PLUS: 

  • Scheduled three times a month 30-minute PRIVATE Coaching calls.

25% off our Annual Summit & Courses + 1 Free Course a Year

Full-Time Coaching: $697/month or $6970/year

Includes the Above PLUS: 

  • Scheduled four times a month 30-minute PRIVATE Coaching calls.

50% off our Annual Summit & Courses + 1 Free Course a Year

Premium Full-Time Coaching: $997/month or $9970/year or $18,000 if prepaid for 2 years  

Includes the Above PLUS: 

  • Choose one:
  1. Scheduled four times a month 45-minute PRIVATE Coaching calls.


  1. Three PRIVATE 30-minute coaching sessions PLUS one buyers’ agent, team member, or staff gets part-time coaching – 2 calls a month
  • Free attendance for one at our annual Summit.
  • Unlimited Free Courses

Important-to-Know Notes, please read:

Move UP in plans at any time with no notice.

Moving down in programs requires a 30-day notice before next billing period.

The Lead a Day Club is month to month.

All other programs are 1-year contract immediately followed by month-to-month unless cancellation is done 30 days in advance or new 1-year payment is made for an annual discount.

Full-time is a minimum of 48 calls a year.  Semi-full-time is a minimum of 34 calls a year.  Part-time is 24 calls a year.  Monthly is 12 calls a year.

Payment is annually (at a discount) or month-to-month.

No refunds if paid in advance, however, you can apply balance to another program.

No cancellations until month-to-month. (Risk is $28/month should you go to lowest level with required 30-day notice before next billing period)

Coaching is not Therapy. See contract for more details upon accepted Application.

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