Coaching Plans

All Coaching Programs Include:

Access to our PATENTED KNOW YOUR NUMBERS and Leads Tracking System – All ONLINE and protected by Rackspace Servers in Austin Texas – the best in the business. Set Goals; Enter your Daily Income Activities; Compare Goals to Actual numbers and adjust Goals as needed. The first and ONLY online business planning tool at next to NOTHING in price (see below)! Yes… INCLUDES tracking of Buyer Appointments, Offers working and Leads Generated!

Lead A Day Club Member – (28/mo) A Daily Email from Your Coaching Matters Including: Your Mindset Shift, Daily Action Plan, Effortless Conversation Starters, and access to our Private Facebook Mastermind.

Access for Questions to our Private Cell Numbers available for reasonable calls and questions!

Regular Emails from us with Article Links, Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Social Networking advice.

Access to YCMpedia – Includes scripts, conversations, dialogs, objection handlers, spreadsheets, forms, ideas and mindset tools… to make EVERY day more productive!

Quarterly Honest Evaluation of your Prospecting or Presentation Audios with recommendations to MAXIMIZE your results!

Monday News You Should Use – the coaches compile the best news articles for you and your clients each week. Copy and paste into YOUR blog or send relevant articles to YOUR database. We do the work, you reap the reward, you smart agent you…

TWO Optional Weekly Skills and Innovation Calls – MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. Designed to sharpen your skills and bring you new ideas every week. Recorded so if you can’t make it, you can listen later.

The Coach is IN with Mike Stott, Every Tuesday from 11AM-12PM ET you can call in and get your questions answered! 

Choose Your Level Of Additional Services Below:

Lead A Day Club Member – Join the Lead A Day Program for $280 (2 Months off!) or Here for Monthly (28/mo).

Flexible Group Coaching  -Membership at $197/mo gets you ALL of the above and allows you to book Coaching Calls at $197 per call anytime you want one.  Can take 1 call a month, 1 a quarter… even 1 a year.  YOU create the program YOU want and the flexibility you need! Click here to register.

Private Coaching  ALL of the above PLUS 2 Private Coaching Sessions Per Month – Provides individual coaching at an affordable price. Click here to register.

Private Weekly Coaching  MOST OF OUR CLIENTS ARE ON THIS PROGRAM. A private INDIVIDUAL coaching call every week. All of the above plus free YCM classes. Click here to register.

Private Weekly Coaching PLUS A longer private INDIVIDUAL coaching call every week. All of the above plus free YCM classes, and free attendance at live events.  Click here to register.

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