Another Sample Email Newsletter Template

A new coaching client asked me for a template for their email newsletter that was personal from her. This is what we came up with. Any comments?

All Email NL’s include:
Something personal.  Example: My niece won her riding competition; I met my goal of going to the gym 3x a week for a whole month; I am proud to announce I just sold my 500th home; etc)

Some interesting statistic about your market. Examples: highest # of sales in a month since 2004; fewest days on market since 2003; prices up an average of $20K since this same month last year; etc.

Some “story” – I called them “Case Studies” but they could be called anything.
I just helped Mr. Jones sell his investment home and did a 1031 exchange into TWO replacements. His cash flow was break even before and now he’s making over $500/mo income… and he didn’t invest ONE DIME into the new properties… you can do this too, ask me how.
Joe and Maggie just bought their very first home of their own with me last month. They have a baby on the way and are so excited to NEVER be forced to move again as long as they pay their mortgage… You see, Joe and Maggie had to move THREE times the last 3 years due to owners that sold or foreclosed on the houses they were renting.  NOW they’re planning to stay put at least 5 years and then may use this little starter home as a rental property when they move UP next.  You can probably do that too… even if you thing you can’t. ASK me…

Some “NEWS” – Examples: Mortgage interest rates remain at levels we’ve not seen or even believed possible. What does this mean to you?
If you took at $100K loan, it’ just $xxx Principle and Interest (P&I). 10 years ago that SAME loan would have cost you $400 more a month!

There’s a new CPK going in at the corner of West 12th and Main St. Did you see the construction start this week? Exciting!

Some “call to action” – I’m looking for homes to sell in 2013. My inventory is so low I have more signs in my garage that in front of homes!  If you know ANYONE that needs to sell in the next year, please please contact me ASAP.

End with a Thank you. Every time.

Our family thanks you, as always, for your loyal support of our Business.
Your referrals mean the world to us.

– Donna

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