8.22.11 Monday News You can USE and SHARE!

A topic to discuss with current Buyers as well as with your Past Clients and Centers of Influence Database – SHORTEN YOUR LOAN NOW! Click here for full article

Wow – 4.0% 30 year mortgage rates!?? And 15 year rates at record lows! RECORD LOWS as reported by our good old Hawaii Paper… did you know we’re visiting in late September?? Click here for details!

Which means of course… AFFORDABILITY! Click here for article from Realtor Magazine

A Great Thinker in Real Estate offers some interesting Insights: Is it time to be thinking of YOUR “Brand”… do you even know what it is? Click here for article you might want to consider…

Finally… a reminder: how’s your ENTHUSIASM?   It’s NEVER been a better time to buy! A first home, an investment property, a trade-up to more expensive property than you live in now… ALL of those are fantastic right NOW!  Is EVERYONE you know aware of this?  How’s YOUR level of ENTHUSIASM in sharing that news? If you aren’t doing enough business and you haven’t reminded EVERYONE you know about how GREAT the market is… then isn’t it time to call them THIS WEEK?

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s be Enthusiastic this week!

~Mike and Donna Stott – Your Coaching Matters

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