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“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn

  • Home Prices Set all time high CASE SHILLER reports. This could be a sign of a new advance. This is 7 market cycles since I satrted in real estate in which the new peak upraised the previous peak, If you have nervous buyers tell them “if you can hold on to the home long enough the market has always recovered.”
  • 8 Experts Predicts 2017. Rates up, appreciation slows, inventory low, uncertainty around new policies.
  • Projects that increase more value than they cost.
  • And More projects under $1000 that add value. I like the backsplash idea the most – which ones do you like? By the way =- send this to all your past clients!
  • HELOC’s more expensive as interest rates rise. You might want to blog about this source of money and maybe paying it off.
  • Good article on how to find and finance bank-owned properties. The link to the FHA 203K loan article is informative too. Send this to your buyers looking for a bargain.
Mindhack of the Week:

Now that Star Wars Rogue One is out – be a Jedi – if you ask a question and the people only give you a partial answer; be quiet and continue to look them in the eyes and they will generally give you a more complete answer.

App of the week:


Ever needed to add 15 more minutes to a meter?

This app lets you do that and a lot more.


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