3 Things to-do to Achieve Your Goals

Let’s Talk about the 3 things to-do to achieve your Goals:Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 1.53.58 PM
1. Create and take small sweet steps
2. Get support along the way
3. Celebrate each SSS accomplishment
I’ll be truthful here… I really thought that #1 was the “most important”.  It’s what I do!  One foot in front of the other… Take the step into the light you you can see, and the next step will reveal itself… Just keep moving… You all know me.

However, as I observe my own recent experiences and that of my clients, I’m finding that #2 is far more important than I believed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Support. On a coaching call a little over a month ago I was encouraging a client to get more support… i.e. hire another assistant.  We were talking about getting the support needed BEFORE you get on overwhelm to, well… “Support You”… in getting to that next step in your growth.
I hung up the phone from that call thinking…
Donna, are you listening to yourself? Are you looking and seeing?  – Seriously… what is the Truth?  YOU need more support!  Your Coaching Matters is up to big things and this monkey mind about not hiring another assistant yet” is just that… Monkey Mind at the border.
So, I immediately created and acted on an authentic action by pulling out the resume given to me by our wonderful assistant Denise Burke over 5 months ago… and emailed the person she’d recommended.   Long story short, I interviewed and hired Kyla within a week.  Of course, Kyla, being the incredible person she is, had another job, so had to give notice. Two weeks ago Kyla began full time with Your Coaching Matters and we couldn’t be more pleased. Long put-off projects are getting finished.  More things are getting accomplished than ever… and we are ready, finally, to fully launch a new product that will more than pay for the “cost” of adding another Assistant. Interesting isn’t it… when we look, see, tell the truth and take authentic action. When we look at the to-do list to achieve our goals above and take each and every step.

Next, I pulled the trigger and hired the Company a Coach.  
Coach Stephanie Seigh is supporting all of us… as Coaches with feedback on every Monday and Thursday call… supporting Mike and myself as our personal Coach… and is available to support our other Coaches as well.  We are thrilled with having her as part of the Team and each of you will get to know her better and better as she works with us all on Monday Mindset call,  and even coaches some of you while your Coach is on vacation…or when you need support outside of real estate specific coaching.
I thought I’d share some of this because I know that MANY of you are also at a Border. I’m having this same conversation with so many clients as we plan for 2015.
Here are my questions for you:
  • Are you at a Border?
  • Do you need more support?
  • Who are you willing to be as you look at that question and answer it?
  • Courageous, Truthful, Vulnerable, Generous, Focused, Empowering, Enthusiastic, Creative, Compassionate, Attentive, Clear… etc.   I encourage you all to pull out your Coaching Arena card and have that conversation with yourself today.
And yes… #3.  Celebrating each Step.  Just as important.
What are you willing to Celebrate about 2014?
What did you hit out of the park this year?
What do you want to be acknowledged for?
Yes… I really do want an answer from all of you!  Let me know. It’s important as we move forward together that we acknowledge and celebrate where we’ve been!  And… we have something really cool we are doing with YOUR celebration.  So go on… what do YOU want to celebrate about 2014? Post it to the Members Only Facebook page or email to me at Donna.Stott@YourCoachingMatters.com
We will be sharing some Celebrations with you about our 2014 too… and in fact… this blog post, is a celebration, in itself.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday US agents… and have a great work week Canadian ones!

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