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7.22.13 Monday News

Enjoying the time with my father on his 80th Birthday (and my sisters and my mother too)! Great Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska. When you look at your life, the greatest happiness-es are family happiness-es.  ~Joyce Brothers Young Buyers Continue Reading

7/15/13 Monday Residential Real Estate News You Should Use

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Thomas A. Edison Mortgage Rates Soar to 4.46%!  Ironic- when I first started in real estate rates were at 18% and Points were Continue Reading

5 things Learned so Far this Year – 2013

It's mid year... time for reflection and gearing up for 2nd half. I got this idea from Michael at Box of Crayons and have edited his ideas to fit my own thoughts. He's another brilliant guy, who also studies Seth Godin (THE most brilliant thinker out Continue Reading

7/8/13 Monday News You Should Use

“The sky is not my limit...I am.”  ― T.F. Hodge Interesting stats from 1/3 of US markets have halfway recovered from the recession. Foreclosure Settlement a Bust!  Home Prices Up according to Case-Shiller Canada Continue Reading

LEAN IN on Productivity and Effeciency

Ever wish there were just a FEW more hours in every day? Ever see someone else that just seems to have more TIME than you do? Ever know someone that just seems to get more done in less time than you can? The good news is that every human being Continue Reading