Monday News You Can Use

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Passion doesn’t create action, action creates passion!  -Robin Sharma Some Struggling Cities are bulldozing developments  And Others are creating something new First Time Home Buyers have some new help! Institutional investors may be here to stay! Lower Oil Prices may mean lower Continue Reading

7 of 7 – 5 Steps to Dancing with the Monkey

Jumping Over a Challenge to Achieve Success

I’ve had a lot of fun writing and posting every day on the #YourTurnChallenge from Seth Godin and Winnie.  The Day 7 prompt question is “What are you taking with you from this Challenge?” What I’m taking with me is that doing anything for 7 days in a row is not easy. I was dancing with my monkey Continue Reading

6 of 7 -The Meeting Agenda that Creates Systems

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In my previous 5 posts I talked about time management, getting support, leveraging, which included creating systems… and threw in a fun one on Getting Rich. Today we’re going deeper into systems. Everyone wants to create systems. They make everything in your personal and business life easier. Continue Reading

5 of 7 – Your Turn Challenge: Getting Rich

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If you are reading this post, the phrase Getting Rich may have caused you to either get excited or uncomfortable.  It's OK, either way. Being rich is not a bad thing. It doesn't make you a bad person. Some of the best people in the world are rich.  Having more money than you need is better than not Continue Reading

4 of 7 – Leveraging

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Often we hear we need to leverage our time to become more productive.  Part of that leverage comes from managing our time well. My posts for this #YourTurnChallege Day ONE, TWO and THREE are the tools that work for many of my Coaching clients. Yet it’s more than your calendar time that needs Continue Reading